Our partnership with Tagsys, a world leader in passive HF & UHF technology enables us to deliver tried and tested solutions. Widely used across many global markets, Tagsys products are the latest addition to our portfolio.

Identec Solutions provide a self tracking GPS RFID tag. Utilises satellite GPS co-ordinates to chart route and movement. Patented ILR (intelligent long range) technology to read & write data


Micromundi are UK distributors and software developers for world leading RFID manufacturers: Identec Solutions
Custom written applications, bringing leading edge technology to existing business practices. Absolute flexibilty and integration is core to our ethos



Based on the i-Q32T the new 'intelligent' tag can be pre programmed to wake up, start monitoring, then flash the LED if out of scope. This removes the need for an RFID reader at the point of receival.

Micromundi have developed a complete RFID solution for the Environment Agency. Utilising RFID technology to add additional quality control to existing procedures.
Home Solutions RFID in Construction
Utilising RFID to monitor curing of concrete

Identec Solutions i-Q32T temperature monitoring tags are being utilised to
dramatically reduce concrete curing times in the construction industry.

Detachable temperature probes are inserted in wet concrete during the
construction process. Temperature is monitored using the i-Q32T tag.

Core temperatures are read using wireless RFID technology to a hand held
device. When the concrete has reached the correct temperature the tag
is detached from the probe and moved on to the next stage of construction.

The tag stores information about placement location, date & time, plus any
additional data required for quality control or traceability.

Identec Solutions RFID tags played an instrumental role in the construction
of the monumental Freedom Tower located at the World Trade Centre Site.